Feline Friendly

You’re a cat. You’re so great that people used to worship you. But you don’t let that go to your head. You just expect a certain level of respect. A sophistication in the way you are waited on and treated. And when you go to the vet, you want to be handled with care. You want to be doted on in a way that minimizes any stress. And those canines… oh, don’t even get you started on those canines. You had better have a feline only lobby, wing, and medical ward so that you don’t have to see, smell, or even sense those pesky canines. That’s why you love Arrow. Here, we get you.

So go ahead, felines. Hop up on your throne.

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The Cat’s Meow

At Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital, we’re known as a veterinary hospital that’s particularly in tune with cats and their owners. Many cats have dogs at home, but they do not feel comfortable with dogs they don’t know. Our cat-friendly team is ready to go the extra mile to make sure your pet has the least stressful veterinarian visit possible. How do we do this? We have special techniques to avoid stress in cats such as minimal restraint and cat friendly handling for blood/urine collection. We have very comfortable exam rooms for cats where they stay most of the time for their entire visit. We also have a cat medical ward which is quiet and separate from dogs.

Love, Always

Your cat’s enjoyable treatment begins when you walk in the front door. We have a separate entrance for cats and their owners, completely separated from those bringing dogs and puppies. Our cat waiting room is quiet and comfortable, especially calming to cats that may already be nervous. The welcoming atmosphere allows your cat to maintain a lower blood pressure and heart rate, which can often be crucial in observation and determining health problems when we examine your pet. From the very first step, we work to keep your cat as calm and comfortable as possible.

Raised by Cats

Our veterinary team is especially interested in treating cats. Dr. Nichole Weinstein is a California native who often jokes that she was “raised by cats” with a doctorate in veterinary medicine, and comes from an extended family of cat lovers. She naturally gravitates toward caring for cats, and is concerned with making sure your cat has the best care possible.

We’re not afraid to use unusual techniques to make sure your cat is taken care of. We’ll examine your cat in our veterinary tech’s laps if it isn’t comfortable on the exam table, or we can use the exam room chair instead, if it makes your cat happier. Most cats object to having their temperature taken, so we only do that if it’s medically necessary. Some pets only feel safe in enclosed places and don’t like being out in the open of an exam room if they’re nervous. We’ve even been known to allow a cat to hide in a coat sleeve if it makes the cat calmer and more accepting of treatment.

Gentle Hands

Grooming is an important part of your cat’s annual wellness exam, and we’re especially sensitive to cats’ feelings about their paws. We’re patient and gentle, taking our time to make sure claws are clipped correctly without upsetting your cat. We never hold your cat by the scruff of the neck, because this gives cats an uncomfortable sense of loss of control. Instead, we gently guide their body into the most comfortable position possible for all examinations and treatment.