Meet Our Team

Caring for your pet is not a job to us. It is a calling. It is who we are, and who we were always meant to become. Now, meet the team that will care for you both like family.

Caring. Driven. Talented. The team at Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital believes in a simple idea: giving every single pet who walks through our doors the kind of care we would want for any family member.

Nichole Weinstein

DVM, Medical Director

A California native, Dr. Nichole Weinstein graduated with her pre-veterinary degree from Cal Poly, Pomona, California. She then went on to complete and obtain her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at the University of the Philippines. She obtained her license to practice in the US at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. She then went on to complete an internship in emergency medicine at the Pet Emergency and Specialty Center in La Mesa, CA and has been practicing small animal medicine since 2005 in southern California.

Dr. Weinstein grew up in the outdoors riding horses and comes from a long line of cat “collectors”. She has treated dogs and cats since 2005 and has always had a special interest in emergency medicine and surgery as well as feline medicine. She enjoys being able to practice in a species-parity environment where cats have equal importance to dogs, something lacking in most veterinary practices. Outside of her veterinary practice, Dr. Weinstein is very active in her community. She organized and chaired a large breast cancer fundraiser and serves the homeless on Skid Row. She is also a mom of 2 children, 4 dogs, a cat and some fish.

Bruce Barrett

DVM, Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Barrett is our orthopedic surgeon on-call who performs quality orthopedics at a reduced or discounted price when compared to the specialty hospitals. His patients have great outcomes with less pain and faster healing. He is a great asset to our team!


Practice Manager

Tina has always been a lover of animals, and being able to work with dogs and cats every day is a dream come true for her. She enjoys getting to know the different personalities and breeds of animals, as well as learning about diseases and treatments. Tina knew that working at Arrow Dog and Cat Hospital was the right profession for her when she started seeing all of the dogs and cats that come in for care and got to know their owners. She also values the knowledge she gains from the doctor and staff that helps her take better care of her own pets.

Outside of work, Tina enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her husband, four adult children, and two dogs. She also likes traveling, quilting, and doing crafts in her free time.


Client Coordinator, Veterinary Student

Jacob is on sabbatical to go to vet school (he’s class president at Western University!) but is working with us on breaks and will return as a doctor in 2025! We are so proud of him!


Registered Vet Tech/Technician Medical Director

Alex is a dedicated and compassionate Registered Veterinary Technician, specializing in providing exceptional care to animals in need. Since joining the veterinary industry, he has become a trusted and valuable member of the team. Alex’s passion for working with animals stems from a lifelong love and compassion for these wonderful creatures. Born and raised in Yucaipa, Alex developed an affinity for animals at a young age. After graduating from Yucaipa High School in 2008, he pursued his educational aspirations at Platt College in Riverside. From 2017 to 2019, he dedicated himself to his studies, earning a degree in Veterinary Technology with honors.

After completing his education, Alex recently returned to his hometown of Yucaipa, where he now resides. In addition to his work in the veterinary field, Alex enjoys exploring his personal interests and spending quality time with his beloved Boxer, Alfred Wigglebottom, whom he rescued in 2021. As a single dog dad, he cherishes every moment spent with Alfred, creating unforgettable memories and providing him with a loving and nurturing home.

When he’s not caring for animals or enjoying the company of his four-legged companion, Alex can often be found on the golf course, honing his skills and taking in the beauty of nature. He also has a deep appreciation for the world of movies and television, finding solace and inspiration in captivating storytelling.


Registered Veterinary Technician, Room Supervisor

Maria received her RVT license from Carrington College and Prior to that, she attended Humboldt State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Zoology.

Maria’s love for animals and passion for veterinary medicine led her to pursue a career in the veterinary industry. She finds great fulfillment in helping animals feel better and loved. Maria’s most memorable experience in her profession was when she helped treat a patient that ultimately found a loving home after a long and tedious treatment process.

Outside of work, Maria enjoys visiting amusement parks, including Disneyland and Universal Studios. She also has a strong interest in classic horror movies and enjoys collecting records.


Veterinary Assistant/Assistant Manager 

Originally from Guatemala City, Rashel has been working in the veterinary industry for four years, starting as a kennel person and working her way up to her current position. She loves everything about working with pets and has a particular passion for learning new things in the industry. Rashel knew she was in the right profession when she realized that every morning, she woke up excited to go to work. Outside of work, Rashel is excited to become a first-time mom in August and enjoys spending time with her family, two rescue cats, and her amazing dog.


Registered Veterinary Technician 

Andria has been passionate about the veterinary industry ever since. Andria attended Carington college, where she earned her RVT license in 2018 after passing the VTNE.

Her favorite thing about working with animals is helping them recover from illness and seeing them return healthy and happy for their rechecks. Outside of work, Andria enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets. She also likes listening to live music.


Veterinary Assistant/Future DVM

Currently pursuing his college education with aspirations of becoming a DVM, Brandon has deep roots in the local community, having resided in the area since birth.

Brandon’s journey in the veterinary field was sparked by his profound passion for animals and the desire to make a positive impact in their lives. Helping animals brings him great joy, and witnessing their growth and resilience in the face of challenges is particularly rewarding for him.

The moment Brandon realized he had found his calling came when he started volunteering at the hospital as part of a high school project. The genuine excitement he felt when waking up to dedicate his time to caring for animals solidified his conviction that he was in the right profession.

Beyond his work at the hospital, Brandon cherishes the company of his loving family, which includes his parents and two sisters. His household is enriched by the presence of three dogs, four cats, and a lively flock of 25 chickens. Outside of his veterinary endeavors, Brandon’s interests revolve around cars, socializing with friends, and exploring new destinations through travel.


Veterinary Assistant/Future DVM

Swaraj embarked on his career in the veterinary field due to his unwavering passion for animals and his strong desire to ensure their well-being and happiness.

With an educational background in the pre-veterinary program at Cal Poly Pomona, Swaraj is continuously expanding his knowledge and skills in the field. His commitment to animal care and his ability to provide support in various aspects of the veterinary practice make him a valuable asset to the team at Arrow Dog and Cat.

Swaraj finds immense satisfaction in his work, particularly when he witnesses the positive impact he can have on the lives of animals. One defining moment occurred during his experience working emergency hours, where he encountered a severely injured pet involved in an attack. Through dedicated care and treatment, Swaraj and the team were able to nurse the pet back to health. It was in that moment that he knew he had chosen the right profession, one that allows him to make a tangible difference in the lives of animals.

Outside of work, Swaraj enjoys spending quality time with animals, indulging in his passion for fitness at the gym, and working on cars. Looking towards the future, he aspires to one day own his own veterinary practice, driven by his dedication to providing top-notch care to animals in need.


Veterinary Assistant

Olivia Hanley is a Veterinary Assistant at Arrow Dog and Cat Hospital, where she began her journey in June 2022. Born and raised in Upland, Olivia pursued her passion for animals by attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where she is currently working towards her B.S. in Animal Science, set to graduate in March 2024.

Olivia’s love for animals has been a lifelong inspiration, as she grew up surrounded by her own 12 beloved pets. Her interest in the veterinary field led her to start her Animal Science degree in fall 2020 and gain valuable experience through an equine internship in 2021. Her favorite aspect of working with animals is creating meaningful connections with the pets and their owners and being instrumental in aiding their recovery.

Even after a 13-hour workday, Olivia’s excitement to return to work the next day reaffirmed that she had found her true calling in the veterinary profession. Outside of her work at the hospital, Olivia enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her two younger brothers, mom, and dad. Her hobbies include going to the movies and writing movie reviews. At home, she cares for her own furry and scaly family, which includes two rabbits, three dogs, seven tortoises, and a vibrant collection of fish.

Scott A.

Kennel Technician

Scott Anderson is a kennel technician at Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital, a veterinary practice dedicated to providing top-notch care for pets. He joined the team in January 2023.

Scott’s journey into the veterinary industry was fueled by his lifelong love for animals of all kinds. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in English, he found himself uncertain about his career path and decided to explore new interests. It was through a family friend, Tina, that he learned of a job opening at Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital. Instantly falling in love with the work, Scott embraced the opportunity to work with animals and make a positive impact on their lives.

Beyond his work at the hospital, Scott indulges his passion for writing, creating engaging stories, and reading books by favorite authors like Leigh Bardugo and Brandon Sanderson. He also finds fulfillment in his role as a Behavioral Technician, working with children with special needs. Additionally, he enjoys watching animated shows like Rick & Morty and Adventure Time during his leisure time.



Kimme is a proud third-generation resident of Redlands and has always had a deep connection with animals. She began studying animal healthcare in 1991 and knew from a very young age that she wanted to be involved in caring for animals.

Kimme’s favorite thing about working with animals is being able to help pet parents take care of their furry friends so they can live a long and healthy life, as well as being able to help them through illness or injury. She considers animals precious gifts and finds joy in being able to help them and their families stay together as long as possible.

Kimme knew she was in the right profession on her very first day on the job in 1992. Outside of work, Kimme enjoys spending time with her husband and their many pets, which include dogs, cats, fish, rats, and guinea pigs. She also loves to cook and bake. Kimme’s passion for animal healthcare extends beyond her work, as she enjoys supporting pet parents who rely on her to care for their beloved fur babies.



Sammi’s journey in the veterinary field began with her educational pursuits. She attended Mt. Sac, where she pursued a degree in animal science. As a testament to her commitment to advancing her skills and knowledge, she is currently enrolled in the RVT program, furthering her expertise in veterinary medicine.

Sammi’s decision to work in the veterinary industry was fueled by her unwavering passion for helping animals. Her love for engaging with first-time pet parents and assisting them with valuable tips and tricks has become an integral part of her work. She finds joy in building relationships with pet owners and their beloved furry companions, making her job all the more fulfilling.

Recognizing that she is in the right profession came naturally to Sammi. The enjoyment she derives from coming to work every day and the satisfaction of meeting pet parents and their adorable pets solidify her belief that she has found her calling in the veterinary field.

Outside of work, Sammi embraces the role of a loving wife and shares her life with three cherished fur babies. She values quality time with her family and friends, and indulging in a delightful Sunday brunch is among her favorite pastimes.