Veterinary Assistant/Future DVM

Currently pursuing his college education with aspirations of becoming a DVM, Brandon has deep roots in the local community, having resided in the area since birth.

Brandon’s journey in the veterinary field was sparked by his profound passion for animals and the desire to make a positive impact in their lives. Helping animals brings him great joy, and witnessing their growth and resilience in the face of challenges is particularly rewarding for him.

The moment Brandon realized he had found his calling came when he started volunteering at the hospital as part of a high school project. The genuine excitement he felt when waking up to dedicate his time to caring for animals solidified his conviction that he was in the right profession.

Beyond his work at the hospital, Brandon cherishes the company of his loving family, which includes his parents and two sisters. His household is enriched by the presence of three dogs, four cats, and a lively flock of 25 chickens. Outside of his veterinary endeavors, Brandon’s interests revolve around cars, socializing with friends, and exploring new destinations through travel.