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A Time to be Thankful for Our Pets

Pet owners are united by one thing—their love for their furry companions—and most pet owners are rewarded with scientifically proven physical, mental, and emotional benefits.  The health benefits of pet ownership Unconditional love — The most tangible benefit most pet owners experience, unconditional love is the unique feeling you get when your furry friend, full [...]

Home for the Holidays: Autumn the Dog’s Miracle

Autumn may have celebrated her sixth birthday earlier this year, but she still acts like a puppy. Her boundless energy and boisterous attitude always make her owners smile. So when Autumn wasn’t acting her usual self, her owners took her to Arrow Dog and Cat Hospital. Our Dr. Agarwal could tell right away that something [...]

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Have you been noticing that your 13-year old cat has gotten thinner? Maybe acting a little more affectionate or is hungry all the time? You may want to write these symptoms off to the fact that your cat is “getting older”…but don’t be fooled, there could be a problem with her thyroid gland. Did you [...]

Vomiting in Cats

Every cat owner knows that sound….the up-chucking sound in the middle of the night on your new rug. Or, you awaken in the morning to step barefoot in a cold splat that your precious kitten left for you in the hallway. Vomiting in cats is disgusting and can take a toll on your upholstery and [...]

The Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

The Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet in Montclair, CA Throughout the United States, our animal shelters are often at peak capacity. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that 7.6 million companion animals enter our shelters each year. Of those entering the shelters, approximately 2.7 million are euthanized each [...]

Importance of Dental Health

Here at Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital, we offer pet dentistry for all dogs and cats, and by scheduling your pet's appointment you are helping to ensure that your pet receives timely oral examinations and teeth cleanings. Benefits of Annual Oral Health Checkups Our veterinarian in Montclair offers pet dentistry services for dogs and cats, which help [...]

Why Go to a Cat Friendly Veterinarian

Here at Arrow Dog and Cat Hospital we're happy to care for both common types of furry pets, but we know there can be a special challenge bringing your cat to the veterinarian. Some cats are calm and don't mind sitting in mixed company along with strange humans and dogs, while others are very sensitive. [...]

The Importance of Vaccines for Your Pet

Vaccinations are essential in keeping your pet healthy and extending its life. When kept up-to-date, vaccines protect your dog or cat from contagious diseases that could make them very sick--even fatally ill. Some pet owners believe that indoor pets are safe from disease, but indoor pets can still contract airborne diseases through an open door [...]

Choosing a Veterinarian

Finding the Right Veterinarian for Your Dog or Cat When you need to choose a veterinarian for your dog or cat, finding the right one is important. Your pet should be seen by veterinary professionals who have the skills, training and experience needed to handle this type of care. In addition, you should also look [...]

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