“I’m so sorry if I said anything bad about this place. I was in a sad, dark place. I’m thankful for all that was done to keep my boy comfortable. I miss him so! You guys did an awesome job in a time that I really needed you! Thank you for all that you did.💔”

-Rick Jacobs, Google 

“Some of the most professional and courteous vets I’ve ever met. They treat every one with kindness and their sense of humanity is heartwarming. Excellent with cats and very reasonable price too. Will highly recommend”

-Syed Naqvi, Google

“Loved everyone here! I believe I have found my fur babies regular spot.

I brought my pitbull in bc he stopped eating and had a huge swollen bump by his genital area that got worse just overnight. I knew something was immediately wrong and all other places in the area only had availability the next week but I knew he couldn’t wait.

Some quick back story, I had taken my pitty to another vet where they treated him for a hematoma and left him deaf in one ear. I mentioned the small lil bumps he had on his body but they told me not to worry about them. Against my better judgement, I listened. Fast forward to now, one of the bumps is huge, hot and affecting his eating.

I called the moment I noticed it got substantially bigger and they saw me that same day. Turns out it was a tumor and he had an infection! How do other vets not bother to check for something like that!? The Dr was very sympathetic and knew I was worried but explained everything she planned to do thoroughly. At first, she thought it could be an abscess and could be drained. One of the techs, Maria, called us to let us know, on the day of surgery, that it was actually the tumor, how they were going to do surgery to remove it and the other lil bumps, and took such good care of him!

I got updates on his condition throughout the day and now he’s back home recovering. My advice to everyone tho is to get a second opinion!! It’s costly but it can save your pets life. If I had just got that second opinion, the tumor wouldn’t have grown as large as it did and my baby boy wouldn’t have been suffering.

-Anaid C., Yelp

“These guys are great! We were lucky to get a very last minute appointment for our five week old kitten who had a health scare. They were so kind and welcoming and very reasonably priced. We’re excited to keep bringing our kitty in.”

-Zora Stewart, Google

“Such a wonderful vet. Dr. Nicole is so intelligent when it comes to figuring out what is going on with my dogs . She is a very patient and kind person .. I would recommend this vet to everyone. Great prices, great staff . Wonderful doctor . Excellent . !!!!

-Funtime Afton, Google

“They take care of your fur children well. Took my 13 year old pit here for a while up until her last day they were there with her and held her as she was crossing the rainbow Bridge. They also take care of my other pit. My dogs seemed to really like them compared to other vets. Pricing isn’t too bad. They accept sunbit which helped me a lot. And they also took care of my moms cat when another vet refused to give him steroids when he has bronchitis. Definitely recommend them”

-Yola B, Yelp

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“This was my first time coming to this hospital and I received nothing but good service and kindness. The nurse that I had was really kind to me and my cat. Even the vet I had was really helpful with everything. I definitely recommend anyone to come here with their animals. They are in good hands and prices are reasonable! I’m definitely coming again!”

-Patricia Gastelum Marenco, Facebook

“I started going here nearly 2 years ago. In Jan of 2019 the vet I had been going to told me my dog was diabetic, sold me insulin and needles and sent me on my way. No conversation about all the details of that no follow up nothing. It was a Friday. By Sunday my food motivated dog wasn’t eating, was hot and restless. I Frantically called around and was referred here by a very kind lady at one of the pet stores. I took Phoebe in and Dr Nicole told me diabetes required a long conversation about protocols and such. She also told me the dog had a UTI and was in DKA (near death). She sent us immediately to the urgent care in upland and called ahead so they would have some knowledge. Once Phoebe got out of doggie ICU Dr Nicole provided me with a number to call if I needed help whenever, set me up with a specialist and told me about online resources. She essentially saved my dog’s life. We’ve been going ever since. Our More recent visits this week was for my second dog. I let her know I thought he had an ear infection. Dr Nicole and the staff were nice and respectful – my boy dog is protective and wasn’t letting anyone reach into our car and he’s a bit of a scaredy-cat. They respected his boundaries and met him at his level to make him comfortable. It’s an ear infection. Simple in and out process where the payment was way less than the original quote. The cat was in last year for IBD and Phoebe’s been back for check-ups and follow-ups after seeing the specialist. I moved here from the Midwest and find vet care in general more expensive (as my IL vet warned me) and my pets are aging so the out of pocket is rising but I like that they quote a price and give me options on what’s strongly suggested vs what is required. The office is out of my way but we’ll worth the drive to have a vet I trust with accessible hours.”

-Stacie R, Yelp

“We felt welcome visiting for the very first time. Everyone was very pleasant! It was nice meeting Dr. A. She was very thorough and up front w/my pet’s condition and needs. No long wait time. I am really happy and I felt good about this place! Keep up the great work!! Salud!!! And, one last thing, the place is very, very clean……A+ A+ A+ for me!!!”

-Jasmin Limson Andrada, Facebook

“This is probably the best vet I have ever been to we have a Great Dane named Reign and had a Min pin named Rayvin. Rayvin was seen by the wonderful staff here after her mammary tumor ruptured. She was an old girl and wouldn’t have made it through surgery so they provided some ointments and kept her comfy until we decided to do the most humane thing and saying our earthly goodbye. The staff was amazing we weren’t able to go back with our baby due to Covid-19,but our baby was in good hands. Our baby Reign is still in their care and we couldn’t be happier.

If you want you furbaby well taken care of they are the provider for you. They even have a cool app you can set appts and keep track of vaccines and stuff. They really care about the babies and their parents.”

-Christi Pinkney-Owens, Google

“Arrow Dog and Cat Hospital shows how unique and supportive it is from the very first moment you arrive, with distinct entrances and registration areas for cats and dogs. I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate this until I was able to completely relax with my cat in the waiting area for cats, in a separate area from the dogs. I’m a dog and cat lover, and I recognize that these are very different animals with distinct needs when they are out of their comfortable home spaces. It was such a comfort for my cat to be in a quiet, calm waiting room without barking dogs. I appreciate that! I also loved that the exam rooms were so cat-friendly, with comfortable places for her to hang out while I spoke with the vet.

I thought it was a really nice touch that they have a beautiful, elaborate area for the practice’s cat to just hang out in her own space off the waiting room. I have never seen such amazing cat trees anywhere else! This cat is living a great life! It’s inspiring to see a cat being so well cared-for, and the cat furniture itself gave me some good ideas for my home as well.

This practice is extremely animal-friendly — which should go without saying, but it actually doesn’t. Not all veterinary practices are oriented toward the comfort, health, and well-being of domestic animals, and the understanding, education, and support of their humans. This one definitely is! I felt that the vet I met with, Dr. Agarwal, was extremely patient and compassionate and prioritized spending time with my cat and with me, to ensure that I understood all of the options. I truly appreciated that, as well. (It was another nice touch that while the vet and I were talking, reviewing treatment options, she opened the cabinet in the exam room and said “Most cats like to hang out in there” — and she was right. Mine went right in. This is a woman who understands felines.)

Another great feature about this practice is that they outlined the cost of every recommended intervention in a line-by-line estimate sheet, with each item reviewed and recommended as being very important or not, so that I could determine that I wanted/needed to prioritize. I have an older cat and am managing her chronic kidney disease and knowing that this will be a longterm investment, I need to be able to decide how best to spend money and make medical decisions for her comfort and wellbeing.

I highly recommend this veterinary practice to anyone –especially for those who love their cats, but for those with dogs as well. It’s not easy to find a vet who is so devoted to and knowledgable about cats — Dr Agarwal is a gem.”

-Elizabeth G, Yelp