Choosing a Veterinarian

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Finding the Right Veterinarian for Your Dog or Cat

When you need to choose a veterinarian for your dog or cat, finding the right one is important. Your pet should be seen by veterinary professionals who have the skills, training and experience needed to handle this type of care. In addition, you should also look for someone who treats both you and your pet with respect and kindness. The veterinarians you are considering for your pets should maintain an animal hospital or clinic with a clean environment that makes you feel comfortable bringing your pet in for visits.

At our veterinary clinic in Montclair, we have a team of skilled veterinarians and staff that can provide your dog or cat with high-quality care. Our clinic offers many services for dogs and cats, including wellness visits and urgent care. We also provide emergency care 6 days per week in case your pet needs to be seen by veterinary care professionals as soon as possible.

We Offer Cat-Friendly Veterinary Services

Our animal hospital goes beyond what you would normally find in a veterinary care facility. We understand that dogs or cats do not always get along, and we find it important to ensure that all of our patients feel as comfortable as possible when they come in for visits. In order to help cats feel more at ease, we have a separate entrance and lobby for our feline patients. This can help your cat feel less anxious about being in an unfamiliar place with other animals around. Cats that arrive for visits with our cat-friendly veterinarian can wait in this lobby, where they will not be approached by dogs. Keeping our cat patients calm and relaxed helps ensure that we can provide the care they need.

Contact Our Montclair Veterinarian for an Appointment

If your dog or cat needs a checkup or an appointment for any health issues, please contact us. Our Montclair veterinarian offers preventive care, urgent care and other services, including spaying, neutering and whole life vaccines.