Pet Surgery in Montclair, CA

Arrow Cat & Dog Hospital in Montclair is fully equipped to perform the most common surgery procedures on your companion animals. Our compassionate staff knows that pet surgery can be stressful for owners, so we strive to put your mind at ease while your pet is in our care.


Pet surgery is almost always a drop-off procedure. You leave the animal in our care at a designated time on the day of the appointment, and we will call you once the procedure is complete. We perform tumor removals, foreign object removals, repair and setting of broken bones, internal surgeries, and more.

Prior to the operation, our staff will perform some pre-surgery tests. This may include bloodwork, X-rays, or other diagnostic tests. We want to ensure that your pet will be able to handle the surgery and anesthetic well. All procedures require that an animal be sedated with anesthesia. Your pet won’t feel a thing as the operation takes place.

Pet Surgery in Montclair, CA

Caring for Your Pet After Surgery

After your pet’s surgery, our staff will let you know how the operation went and will take the time to answer any questions you might have. You will receive a packet of instructions on how to care for your pet during the recovery period at home. Most procedures will require a course of antibiotics to be completed, to ensure that an infection does not set in. Your at-home care instructions will explain how to administer the antibiotics. Sometimes a special temporary diet will be prescribed after an operation as well.

The main thing you need to know is that your pet will require a lot of rest for a few days after surgery. Our staff will also explain potential warning signs that you should watch for during the recovery period. For example, if your pet experiences a sudden loss of appetite, or if the surgical incision site begins to bleed, you will want to call our office immediately for an emergency check-up.

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We want your pet to live a long and healthy life, so if you have any healthcare concerns about your companion animal — whether they need pet surgery or not — call our office to schedule an appointment.

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Montclair, CA Pet Surgery