Ultrasound & Endoscopy

Ultrasound & Endoscopy

An ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool that creates a real-time internal image of an animal’s body, providing important information about the health of a pet’s internal organs. Using harmless sound waves, an ultrasound produces a moving picture of your pet’s organs, allowing for a non-invasive, pain-free means of diagnosis.

Ultrasounds can be used to evaluate almost all the soft tissues in the body. This service can help our team diagnose and asses a broad range of conditions, including: 

  • Heart conditions 
  • Abdominal issues 
  • Pregnancy
  • Tumors, masses, or foreign bodies 
  • And more!

Our endoscopy equipment allows us to non-invasively collect biopsies and visually assess the stomach and upper intestines. We can also visually assess airways and, in some cases, retrieve foreign objects from a dog’s or cat’s GI tract, avoiding major surgery. 

Our advanced ultrasound and endoscopy technology allows our team of veterinary professionals to provide the highest standard of care for your pets. Call us for more information!