Why Go to a Cat Friendly Veterinarian

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Here at Arrow Dog and Cat Hospital we’re happy to care for both common types of furry pets, but we know there can be a special challenge bringing your cat to the veterinarian. Some cats are calm and don’t mind sitting in mixed company along with strange humans and dogs, while others are very sensitive. We keep all our pet patients’ comfort in mind and want to make every visit as pleasant for them as possible. That’s why we’ve created dedicated services designed with cats in mind.

Why Cater to Cats?

Stress has a detrimental effect on the body, whether it’s in a human or a cat. Non-social cats that get frightened when held around dogs can experience increased stress hormone levels. Their heart rate will increase, they will be more nervous and tense, and they’ll be put into a physical state that’s not open to the quickest of healing. Our veterinarian staff can’t get normal readings on a cat that’s frightened or stressed, so it’s difficult for us to find out the correct treatment for your pet. Our special cat-friendly office is designed to avoid these problems.

How to Make an Office Cat Friendly

We offer an entirely different entrance and waiting area for cats and their owners. When you visit our office, you and your cat will sit in a room away from dogs and puppies. The room offers a calm atmosphere, free from the usual noise that waiting rooms with dogs usually have. This quiet and calm waiting area will help you to keep your cat free from excess stress before seeing the veterinarian. Your cat will be happier and, ultimately, healthier if our vets can make more accurate diagnoses without having to take stress and fear into the equation.